Sound is
our space

We provide the missing audial dimension to VR & AR
to enable stunning next-generation telephony.

About us

C Matter is the largest patent holder of VR telephony & 3D telecommunication patents in the world.

We create solutions for and license technology for VoIP and chat platforms, hardware and network providers of HD Voice telecom, and developers of social VR, AR, & gaming platforms.

Providing 3D sound is the ability to send sound to a person’s two ears in a way that the person can sense the direction the sound is coming from in 3D space (real or VR) around them. Sounds seem to "appear" in the room, over there. Our technology adds voices and sounds to your environment that are not really there.

If your friend is far away, but you hear her on the chair beside you while chatting on your smartphone app...

If your friend calls you from the concert, and you hear exactly what he's hearing...

If you notice your friend calling while you're in VR and you accept the call without removing your HMD...

That's most likely C Matter tech.

C Matter® Technology

C Matter patented technology provides users of ordinary handsets, tablets, and workstations with a robust three-dimensional audial environment where voices and other sounds are perceived indistinguishably from sounds occurring in the listener’s physical environment. The sound may be overlaid for augmented reality applications, substituted to provide audial telepresence, or signals (such as a voice) may be isolated to provide full-duplex realistic face-to-face telephone calls over IP or any telephone network. Multi-party calls provide realistic and efficient spatiality to conference calling. Listeners may move the sound localization points and interact with them.

Users of our technology can cause a voice to fly around or above a listener, or sit bedside them in the passenger seat. In VR the sound may be assigned to emanate from the virtual person. We want to provide this next-generation of realism between people, electronic devices, voice assistants, software applications, and natural language interfaces.

C Matter and its licensees are engaged in bringing this technology to smartphone telecommunications, VR & AR, entertainment, education, training and simulation, tools and services for security, medicine, disabled persons, recording industries, artificial intelligence, and natural language interfaces.


The C Matter Binaural over IP Server transmits full-duplex 3D sound between C Matter BoIP clients over http. Contact us to arrange a demonstration. You will need only headphones, two ears, and 5 minutes.

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Headspace API

The C Matter Headspace API allows licensees to provide multiparty binaural conversation, virtual audial spaces, and 3D sounds via today's popular smartphone messenging applications on ordinary contemporary handsets, tablets, and workstations.

C Matter IP Portfolio

Our large patent portfolio enables us to boldly produce and license a rich pipeline of products and services to bring 3D telecom to the world. The C Matter Virtual Aurality IP Suite allows handset manufacturers, gaming platforms, and VR hardware OEMs to provide true Binaural Telephony and telepresence over WiFi, 4G, and next generation HD Voice networks/CODECS.

Some examples of patented C Matter technology include:

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